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Paradigm Shift of The Medtech Sector: Venture Capitalists' View on Post Covid-19 Investments

Although the COVID outbreak resulted in significant human misery and economic backlogs, it forced us to reconsider many day-to-day processes.

The epidemic has compelled us to embrace and adopt a slew of innovative approaches that we would never have imagined pre-COVID. The complete virtualization of non-surgical medical practice is on the top of the list.

The idea of telemedicine and Medtech is not new. However, a significant portion of the consumers found it hard to adapt before it dramatically became the only viable option.

Integrated Resorts Retaliation in Japan: What Went Wrong?

If you are a gambling enthusiast, the enactment of IR legislation in Japan in 2018 has definitely intrigued you. It was one of the major watershed events in worldwide gaming history as the world's third-largest economy that was limited in pachinko and slot machines for years, opened its doors for Integrated Resort amenities.

Almost all of the IR operator titans soon got interested and placed bids to seize this entire potential, and why not? Japan is bestowed with exquisite age-old heritage and endowed with cutting-edge modern conveniences. Therefore, nowhere could be a greater chance for opening an Integrated Resort from every perspective.

However, currently, the dream seems too good to be true. The once most globally appealing business opportunity is now on the edge of abandonment. This article will discuss this thoroughly and gradually try to gather the reasons.

How Product Announcements Affect Stocks: A Case Study of NVIDIA And Their 2 Brand New Gaming GPUs

Whenever a giant company releases a big announcement, the stock price curves of the company and its competitors get affected immediately. This hype prevails from a few weeks to even a couple of months. Therefore, it is essential to keep oneself updated about such announcements and obtain a clear idea about what they signify.

This post will discuss how product announcements of giant corporations affect the stock market.

Forex Vs. Commodity Vs. Equity Vs. Bond: Which One Should You Trade?

With so many lucrative investment options available today, choosing which one is the best fit for your capital amount and investment timeframe may be somewhat challenging. Forex, commodities, stocks, and bonds are just a few of the popular alternatives for investments that offer traders a handsome rate of return in a short period of time.

However, there are several aspects to consider before making a choice. Unfortunately, most individuals would blindly choose a random alternative based on hype rather than making a comprehensive comparison before making a decision. These efforts often expose their assets to unnecessary risk and sometimes even cause them to conceive a massive loss.

5 Innovative Japanese Startups to Watch Out for in 2022

Japan is among the world's most extraordinary, fascinating and progressive countries,
especially for entrepreneurs. Because of the country's excellent work ethic, entrepreneurialism,
and the convenience of VC capital, Japan has a plethora of outstanding businesses.
Japanese entrepreneurs have an atmosphere that is consistently regarded above the rest of the
globe, contributing to the country's exceptional accomplishments. In addition, entrepreneurs in
Japan have reaped the advantages of government investment in a drive to improve the startup

Middle East Investments: 3 Ways To Invest Your Money In UAE

If you’re seeking sustainable foreign investments, the UAE offers some of the most outstanding facilities of all nations. However, as powerful or encouraging as the concept of investing may seem, everything may go wrong if appropriate decisions are not made at the proper time. It entails determining the amount to invest, the location of the investment, and the method of acquisition. This article will analyze why you should consider investing in the UAE, your best investment alternatives, and how
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